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Bills piling up? Wondering when you will finally get money?


Injured in an accident? Sigma Funding can help you secure your personal finances

Sigma Funding can help you secure your personal finances

How Sigma Funding can secure your finances 

Receive legal funding

Get an advance before your settlement funds become available


Get money fast

To pay your outstanding bills now and keep your life in order


No risk/Non recourse advance

If you're not successful in your claim or lose your case then you owe us nothing and don’t have to pay us back

How it works

If you’ve been injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, Sigma Funding can help you through the financial shortfalls that litigation may cause. Let Sigma work with you to allow your attorney the time it takes to get you the result you deserve.



Apply free online or by phone. No credit risk. No obligation. No Upfront Fees


Approval Process

We will quickly and efficiently evaluate your case and make a decision on how much we can fund


Get Funded

Get funded within 24-48 hrs of request. Fast. Easy. Let us do all the work

Apply Now
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